Ubiquiti Switch Mission Critical

910.00 (1101.10 ar PVN)

A switch with integrated 368Wh Lithium-ion battery, capable of providing uninterruptible power for 8 devices.

  • (4) GbE PoE+, (4) GbE PoE++ ports
  • (1) GbE port
  • (2) 230V AC outputs; 120W total PoE available
  • Battery backup power system
  • Internal battery 368Wh

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UniFi Switch Mission Critical is an infrastructure PoE switch with an uninterruptible power supply that ensures high availability of critical service systems. The internal battery will provide reliable protection against power outages for critical segments of security and access control systems in office centers, enterprises, warehouses, etc.
The Layer 2 managed switch’s network interface offers nine Gigabit RJ45 ports: four with 802.3bt PoE++ to power UniFi Access devices, four with 802.3af/at PoE to power UniFi access points, switches or cameras, and one for uplink to the gateway. Two AC sine wave outputs power 110V AC devices, including the modem and gateway.The 1.3-inch touch screen displays current switch statuses and the necessary information needed for quick diagnostics.

Industry’s first AR (augmented reality) switch management simplifies network changes.

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Svars 10 kg
Dimensijas 45 × 50 × 8 cm

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