Ubiquiti Switch 48 USW-48

358.00 (433.18 ar PVN)

Layer 2 switch with (48) GbE RJ45 ports and (4) 1G SFP ports.

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The Switch 48 (USW 48) is a fully managed, fanless switch with (48) GbE RJ45 ports and (4) 1G SFP ports. The versatile USW 48 provides Gigabit links to Ethernet devices while also supplying Gigabit fiber uplink options fit for an enterprise network. The switch also offers an extensive suite of Layer 2 switching protocols, including port-specific operation modes (switching, mirroring, or aggregate), and features a 1.3″ LCM color touchscreen that concisely displays key system and connection insights. This switch can also be monitored or configured from anywhere with the powerful, intuitive UniFi Network web application and mobile app.


    • (1) 1.3″ LCM color touchscreen with AR switch management
    • (48) GbE RJ45 ports
    • (4) 1G SFP ports
    • Fanless, silent cooling

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