Synology turret camera TC500

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Versatile AI cameras for securing any location.


Iepriekšpasūtījuma prece ir pieejama pasūtīšanai, taču tā netiks nosūtīta, kamēr prece neienāks mūsu noliktavā. Piegādes datums ir neapstiprināts un un ražotājs to var mainīt bez iepriekšēja paziņojuma.

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Around the clock surveillance
See clearly at night with four high-power IR LEDs that provide 30 meters of night vision range.

Detailed video recordings in all lighting conditions
Ensure security despite high contrast light conditions with High Dynamic Range (HDR), which provides detailed images in both shadows and bright spots.

Enhance your surveillance with camera-based AI
Be proactive with surveillance. AI features empower security staff to watch over multiple locations more efficiently.

People and Vehicle Detection
Protect against loitering and boost security with cameras that leverage AI to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects with high accuracy.

Intrusion Detection
Identify trespassers without maintaining dedicated staff on site. Draw virtual borders to automatically receive alerts when people or vehicles cross.

Instant Search
Investigate incidents quickly after they happen. Instant Search lets operators search for activities of interest within a certain area.

Effortless setup and access from anywhere
With hassle-free setup and on-the-go access, these cameras are suitable for single-site small business installations and sprawling multi-site deployments alike.

Optimized for Surveillance Station
BC500 and TC500 are designed to work in perfect harmony with Surveillance Station.

Streamlined setup and configuration
Simply connect and go. All camera settings, including image quality and network configuration, can be modified directly in Surveillance Station.

Stay in the know with DS cam
DS cam is the powerful companion mobile app for Surveillance Station, available for free on iOS and Android.

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Dimensijas 23 × 14.5 × 12 cm

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