MikroTik GPeR

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Gigabit Passive Ethernet Repeater.

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The GPeR unit allows to extend Ethernet cable by additional hop (< 100 – 150 m to regular network devices, and up to 210 m to another GPeR unit) up to 1,500 m.

Handy for highrise buildings, multi-apartment buildings, with many floors and sections, where very long Ethernet cables might be a problem.

Maximum allowed length of CAT6 Ethernet cable between GPeR and power source/router is up to 100 m (depending on cable quality, high quality – up to 150 m).

Maximum allowed distance of CAT6 Ethernet cable between two GPeR devices is up to 210 m (depending on cable quality).

In case if the destination device does not support PoE-in powering, the PoE Passthrough can be disabled by manually removing all jumpers.

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Svars 0.2 kg
Dimensijas 10 × 5 × 5 cm

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